Analysis & Research Projects

Re-abstraced Hutong as calligraphy, 2013-2015

exploration project of self-interests
Beijing, Berlin

With the recognition of the digitalized architecture as a current trend or phenomenon and the traditional Chinese architecture methods don‘t work well in the city process, architects are easily confused in terms of the solutions of Hutong sketch.
My project and research aimed to develop a newly available system for the Hutong reconstruction based on Chinese calligraphy on the other side I also tried to abstract a new kind of diagram style based on Calligraphy.
I began with the study of Chinese Calligraphy in many fields including 8 basic prototypes, drawing ways, power, directions, and ink. The current Hutong system is similar to Chinese calligraphy in many ways such as limited prototypes and also the ways of development. I represent the Chinese calligraphy by the construction of the ways in Hutong.
For the first stage, the element was composed just splashed ink‘. In other words, the particles are gradually emitted as diffusion of ink on paper. Second, by using the motion path, the emitting particles start to move along a certain path and follow the movement by the painter‘s hand and power.
In order to analyze the movements of Calligraphy, I chose one of the masterpieces of Caoshu. And the meaning of the writing means one of the famous places in Hutong.
The work shows the atypical structure, the energy makes the canvas more dynamic. The drawing shows the attempts made to find the flow of the force from the invisible environment in relation to the brush motion of Calligraphy.
beyond the movement of the particles, the final form can be achieved through the process of delivering the energy. Thus, in the last stage, types of physical were given to deform the movement. In this study, I tried to find ways to represent the line into many various forms by controlling the magnitude, the speed of the field and so on.
I presented the final result with a diagram of hutong in both image and structure.

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Research & Analysis Project

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