300 Years

Analysis & Research Projects

Photography  2013

Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, China

I happened to read that it‘s already 300 years past since China came from China to Europe.
I‘m wondering what happened in Europe from the past 300 years, what changed and what kept.
I flop my mind to four areas: The history of China in Europe, Crazy thinker that hadn’t been accepted in his time age, The fashion capital, and the politic center. I research the first area as a timeline and the other 3 as time points. What’s happen nowadays? What’s already happened in the past? Did the history a loop? Are we repeat ourselves somehow?
I tried to describe all of my mind movies with photos abstraction. I used nowadays time points cities photos to picture the old one and the old one to picture the newest.


map301b_wheels history(right text)!0


detail 2



Research & Others


© 2018 by Chen Siqi

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