Qin Interactive Square

Academic Project

Flexible Interactive Square Design ss 2013, QDTU

Qingdao, China
Instructor: Dr. Prof.   Joo Tingyoo

Qin is an interactive square mainly design for the local citizens. The site located in the historical building areas of the city Qingdao. and the surrounding is very crowd. It‘s also one of the seas nearby sites and the natural condition( the wind direction and the sun direction) is really different from summer to winter.
The main aim of this project is to take full use of the underground space and also the natural condition of this area. So I start with the study of the flexible system.
I used diagrid as my study object and main focus on density structure, connected, porosity and grid itself, also of this kind of physical feature project to a really natural condition in this situation. According to the study I design a shell system based on 9 prototypes.
The building is an organism for system study experiences of diagrid knowledge and beauty.


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Research & Academic Project


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