Analysis & Research Projects, movie project

Movie Project   SS 14

DIA, Hs Anhalt, Dessau
Instructor: Neil Leach
Team: Ahmed Rihan, Henry Mackenzie

We have an undefined story of 2065.

The physical world will still be there, but it won‘t change too much.
Architecture has become extinct for the construction itself, as a conclusion of the over-supply developing data transformation and the global internet.

We‘ll stop to build or create real things because the super Internet data analysis system Rilao makes all the things in our mind visible, feelable, touchable. Actually, it does not exist in the real world?

But almost no one needs the real world anymore.

Life is so easy thanks to the Rilao technique.

We use data, we are satisfied by data, we‘re crazy about data. We are DATA!

It‘s not the faraway future, it‘s the post-past…

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Research & Analysis Project

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